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Our comprehensive, Unlimited Classes Membership is $135 per month. We have per session, per week, limited per month, and full nutrition coaching options available as well. Reach out for more details!

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All memberships auto-renew on the 1st of each month. We require 3 days notice before the 1st to cancel an upcoming month’s membership. Use of cards add 4% to memberships. 

We have a small area for members to do their own thing, during regular class times, that is included in your Unlimited Membership. For access outside of class times (24/7 Access) an Open Gym Key can be added on for $30/Month.

We do have non-unlimited class based memberships, but we like to discuss your goals/experience before having you sign up for those options. 

CrossFit has no higher injury rate than any other activity you perform. Just like biking, running, kickboxing or plyometrics, injuries result from movements being done incorrectly or lack of mobility. The benefit of doing CrossFit at Philia is you have an experienced instructor in every class and class sizes limited to make sure you get proper coaching. The technique for proper movement and mobility gains you will get doing CrossFit will actually reduce the risk of injury during both workouts and your other daily activities. Coaches will only let you progress to higher weights and more intensity once you have shown a mastery of moving safely and efficiently.

Every class is led by a CF-L1 trainer. We will always begin with a dynamic warm up centered around bodyweight movements and light weights to get a light sweat going. Next we have what we call a “Buy-In.” These include a variety of motions such as lifting, body awareness movements, cardio or any number of other skill/strength work. This section gives our coaches time to provide deeper instruction on individual movements. Finally, we have our workout of the day (WOD). The WOD will typically involve elements from the Buy-In in a different capacity and is cardiovascular focused. Every Buy-In and WOD that we do is both challenging and scalable to every fitness level and background. We have Health, Fitness and Performance tracks to help guide you on how each workout should feel!