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The fastest way to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve body health is through nutrition. 80% of your results come from the kitchen, not your workout!


Sometimes the hardest part of working out is making it to the gym. Our community based focus from coaches/members helps you get in the gym more often.

Repetitive Workouts

Do you like learning new things? CrossFit offers a ton of variety to break up daily monotony in fitness with expert coaches in each area.


Have you been doing other programs and plateaued? Our programming centers around scaling to the person to fit both experienced athletes and newbies!


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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Websites are great, but not as great as talking to a real person! 15 minutes can help us make a plan for you to achieve your goals.

Step 2


Cover the Basics

1-on-1 Sessions

Complete your intro sessions with a CF-L1 trainer to assess your movement patterns and give you a baseline of how we will coach you through your fitness journey.

Step 3


Get Started

Begin Small Group Classes

You have goals, we have the community to help! Get started on your fitness goals today!

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Hear what our members have to say

Awesome CrossFit Gym!

“Awesome cross fit gym. Once you join, you will get addicted. Friendly people, wonderful environment and challenging workouts. Coaches are there with you to help and correct your posture, show you how you should lift and what should be the range of motion etc. I love it!”

~ Ugurhan B.

Amazing Community!

“Amazing community, always new challenging workouts that are keeping me on my toes. They have a wide variety of class times and tons of workout modifications to fit your abilities.”

~ Levi A.

You Won’t Be Disappointed!

“I highly recommend going here, everyone is friendly and encouraging! Going to Philia makes me feel good about myself and my efforts on becoming more fit. The people here are awesome and always encourage you to try new things. They even offer discounts for couples, students and our service men and women! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, you can’t give up on being a healthier version of yourself.”

~ Brett S.