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Buy In:
Shoulder Press
15' to find a 5 rep Max out of rack

4 rounds for time:
16x kb front rack walking lunges (55/35)
10x each arm, single Russian KB Swing (to chest)
7x barbell shoulder press (70% of buy in weight)

100 sit ups for time


7/30/16- Travel Wod

For those addicts who still need a wod today. Sorry for the confusion this morning by posting a WOD.  Old habits die hard :)

Run- 1 Mile

Then 21-15-9

Air Squat Push ups for time



Teams of 2 complete (break up movements any way you like)-

AMRAP in 18 minutes of:

20 x Thrusters (95/65lb)

20 x Shoulders to Overhead

20 x Overhead Squats

20 x SDHP

20 x Front Squats



BUY IN- Deadlifts- 5 Reps EOMOM for 10 min.  Increase weight each successful round if form allows.

WOD- (21-15-9)-

Deadlifts (60% 1 rep max)*

Box Jumps (30/24”)

*Hold form on these DEADLIFTS.  If you begin to get sloppy, drop the bar and rest!

Cash Out -Free Friday



BUY IN- 50 x Toes to bar for time (8 Min time cap)

WOD- For time:

200m Sandbag Run

30 x Push Ups

30 x KB Swings (55/35lb)

400m Sandbag Run

30 x Goblet Squats (55/35lb)

30 x  Burpees

200m Sandbag Run


CASH OUT- Roll and Smash



BUY IN- Snatch- EMOM for 10 min complete 2 snatches- 1) Power Snatch 2) Squat Snatch. Increase weight each successful round if form allows

WOD- “Randy”

75 x Snatches for Time (75/55lb)


Cash Out-  2 sets of max rep kipping pull ups



BUY IN- Bench/Floor Press- 3 sets of 5 reps @ 75%. 5th  and final set, as many reps as possible at 75%. (rest :90sec - 2 min between sets)

WOD-5 Rounds for time-

6 x Ground  to Overhead (145/100lb)*

400m Run

*Should not be easy, but should be able to complete 4-6 reps unbroken when fresh


Cash Out- 2 x :45sec Hollow holds



BUY IN- Back Squats- Pause back squats- 4 Sets of 3 reps @ 75% of 1 rep max.  Pause :03 sec at bottom of each squat before finishing the rep.

WOD-AMRAP 12 min-

8 x Front Squats (115/75lb)

5 x Strict Pull Ups

40 x Double Unders 

Cash Out- AB BARBELL ROLL OUTS- 2 Sets of 10 reps



Buy In- Warm Up all of your movements, pick your tires and place them in the lot

WOD-  10 Min AMRAP*

Partner 1- Run 200M

Partner 2- Tire Flips (Heaviest Tire you can safely manage)**

Partner 3- Burpee Bar Jumps

----Rest 2 min----

Partner 1- 200M Sandbag Run

Partner 2- Floor Press to Floor Wiper (95/65lb)

Partner 3- Bear Crawls (down and back on turf = 1 rep)

*Everyone is working out at the same time / 200m runs are the timer for the movements / switch movements when the running partner returns

**Tire Flips are supposed to be heavy.  Heavy = slow, and less reps.  That is OK, stow your pride and get a solid workout in



BUY IN- Practice 1-arm barbell push press (find a weight that you can control but will be challenging for :60)

WOD-  3 Rounds for max reps (fight gone bad style)-

1-arm barbell push press (switch arms at :30)

sit ups

Box Jumps (24/20")

SDHP (same weight as push press)

Double Unders

---Rest 1 min between rounds----

Cash Out-  Open Gym