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10/1/15- Happy October!

BUY IN- Split Jerk Drills (:05 Sec. holds in each position)-  Jerk squat (vertical spine!!) / Split position /5 x presses from split position following :05 sec hold.

*Increase load each set for 5 sets (everyone starts together, about 1 minute rest between sets)

WOD- For time:

1200m Run

30 x Thrusters (135.95lbs)

1200m Run

Cash out- Wheel barrow races!!! Down and Back= 1 race.  3 races each.

* Try to hold your partners feet at your shoulder level today



BUY IN : Snatch Complex


Snatch Grip Deadlift + Hanging Power Snatch + Overhead Squat + Squat Snatch


Every MINUTE on the MINUTE for 12 MINUTES complete 1 CYCLE of the Complex.....INCREASE weight if your form and technique feels solid.

WOD- 5 rounds for time

12 x  Overhead Squats (115/75lbs)

25 x  Box Jumps (24/20")

*Every Minute on the minute, including the first minute complete 2 Burpees, then continue the WOD

CASH OUT- 800m Run for time



BUY IN : Strict Press

1 set of 5 reps

1 set of 4 reps

1 set of 3 reps

1 set of 2 reps

3 sets of 1 rep

*Start at a challenging weight for 5 reps then INCREASE each set up to 3 attempts at a HEAVY SINGLE

REST 1-2 Minutes between each set.


PART A- (21/15/9)

SDHP (95/65lbs)

Push Jacks

---Immediately into--

PART B- (9/15/21)

Push Jerks (95/65lbs)

C2B Pull Ups

Cash Out- Tabata Sit-Ups




BUY INDouble/Triple Unders- (10 minutes of practice the version you cannot yet do).  Then warm up for Wod

WOD- 4 Rounds for Time:

10 x Squat Cleans (115/75lbs)

20 x Double Unders

--Rest :30--

8x Squat Cleans (135/95lbs)

40 x Double Unders

--Rest :30--

6 x Squat Cleans (155/115lbs)

60 x Double Unders

--Rest :30--

4 x Squat Cleans (175/125lbs)

80 x Double Unders

--Rest :60--

2 x Squat Cleans (As heavy as you can perform 2 touch-and-go reps

CASH OUT- 30 x Toes to bar for time



BUY IN- 10 of EACH!

10 x Sled pushes- Push /Pull (140 /90lb added)

10 x Tire Flips- Any Tires, you may even partner flip

*Half the crew on the sleds, half on the tires

WOD- Ground to Overhead for time:

Weight Choice determines your rep scheme: (these are options, pick one.)


         155lbs x 30 reps for time

         135lbs = 45 reps for time  


         95lbs = 65 reps for time


          95lbs x 30 reps for time

         75lbs = 45 reps for time


        55lbs = 65 reps for time

**Push yourself today. Pick the heaviest weight that you can manage and hold form for anywhere from 5-10 reps without prolonged rest

CASH OUT= Open Gym



New Documentary

What do you guys think, fittest in history?



BUY IN- Warm up

10 x Burpees

20 x Pistols

30 x SDHP (95/65lbs)

40 x Sprint Drivers


10 x Pistols

20 x SDHP (95/65lbs)

30 x Burpees

40 x Sprint Drivers


10 x SDHP (95/65lbs)

20 x Burpees

30 x Pistols

40 x Sprint Drivers

CASH OUT- 50 x Hollow Rolls



Buy In- EOMOM for 12 minutes complete this series- High Hanging Power Snatch / Low Hanging Power Snatch / Power Snatch from floor. Increase load each round if possible

WOD- 6 Timed Rounds (rest :45 between rounds):

2 x Power Snatch (a weight that would be too heavy to perform 5 times)

8 x Pendlay Rows with Snatch weight

1 x Gasser*

*Gassers alternate between: Sprint/sprint - Shuffle/shuffle - Sprint/Backpedal

Cash out- Max toes to bar in 3 attempts (score is total count, rest no more than :30 sec between sets)



BUY IN- Box Jumps for Max Height-  Spend 20 minutes or so working up to the highest jump you can manage, stack plates on boxes if needed.  Record your numbers, it will be super fun!  (45lb plate= 4 inches /25lb= 2 inches /10= 1 inch).


200m Run

10 x Kb Swings (70/55lbs)

8 x Goblet Lunges (70/55lbs)

400m Run

15 x KB swings (70/55lbs)

12 x Goblet Lunges (70/55lbs)

800m Run

15 x KB Swings (70/55lbs)

12 x Goblet Lunges (70/55lbs)

1200m Run

10 x KB Swings

8 x Goblet Squats (70/55lbs)

--Rest 2 Minutes--

Max Burpees in 2 minutes



BUY IN- Floor Press- 5 sets of 5. Increase load each set if possible

WOD- AMRAP 12 minutes-

Pull ups x 5

Deadlifts x 12 (155/125lbs)

Wall Balls x 15 (20/14lbs)

CASH OUT-  Roll out, stretch out