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BUY IN- Single Leg Deadlifts- 4 sets of 6 reps each leg.  Increase load each set but flat hips and flat back are more important than weight used.


WOD- 5 rounds for time-

6 (each) x Pistol Squats*

8 (each) x Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch (55/35lbs)


*Pistols- Load shoulders with a sandbag if bodyweight is too light.  Squat from box if a pistol is too difficult at this time.


CASH OUT-  Side plank with hip abduction.  2 sets of 20 reps each leg of hip abduction while holding a plank from the elbow



For those of you who competed this weekend, please check below the 2 round wod for your workouts of the day:

- Warm up for Wod

WOD-2 Rounds for time-

15 x Power Clean (135/95lbs)

15 x Burpee box Jump over (24/20")

15 x Shoulders to Overhead

15 x Front Squats

CASH OUT- 2 x 10 reps of Barbell Ab Roll Outs

Summer Slam and Mat Games Athletes-

Buy In- 5 (dwn/bks) x Sled Push/Pulls with a partner (50/20lbs); do not sprint!

WOD- Not for Time and in any order

1000m Row

2 x 800m run (stretch between)

30 x Low Back Extension on GHD

50 x Sit Ups

CASH OUT- Stretch and Smash



BUY IN- Rows-   4 x 200m
                         3 x 300m
                         2 x 500m
Alternate with your partner, there work is your rest

WOD- 10 rounds for time-

6 x Ring rows (body as flat as possible while being able to complete row, elevate feet if needed)

7 x Ring Push ups (same body angle as Ring Rows)

8 x Walking Lunges

CASH OUT-  Max Kettlebell swings in 2 minutes (55/35lbs)



Buy In:
Warm Up

Run 1 mile (2x800)
When you return, look at your own clock and begin your 8' AMRAP
6x Power Clean and Jerks (95/65lbs)
50x Double Unders

Cash Out:
Handstand holds with a partner



BUY IN- EOMOM, 2 x Snatch Complex (form is the focus, NOT LOAD)- Hang High Pull/ Hang Power Snatch / Squat Snatch.

*We are giving you the extra time to get feedback from the coach.  This is not meant to be heavy!! If you never get heavier than the bar, that is OK.

WOD- 5 Rounds for time-

200m Run (10 x Squat Jumps at halfway point)

5 x Squat Snatch (115/75 lbs)

5 x Hand Release Pull Ups*

400m Run

* Hand release pull ups- Release bar at the top when chest is closest to the bar.  Grab the bar again prior to decent.  These are meant to be VERY dynamic.

** If you cannot perform these, attempt C2B x 5

CASH OUT- Smash and Roll



We havent done this BENCHMARK workout in a long time....Always one of my favorites and the good news is in 17 MINUTES EVERYONE is done.....For those of you somewhat new to CrossFit here is the story on FGB...It was designed for MMA fighter BJ Penn as a workout that would simulate the CONDITIONING demands of a Mixed Mrtial Arts fight. Five MINUTES of WORK followed by One MINUTE of REST repeated for Three ROUNDS. After BJ completed the workout he was asked how it compared to a real fight, he remarked it was like "A Fight Gone Bad"

 BUY IN- Warm Up and get ready to get crazy

WOD- 3 Rounds-

 Wall Ball 20/14 lbs

Sumo Deadlift HighPull (75/55lbs)

Box Jump 20"

Push Press (75/55lbs)

Row (calories)


 ONE MINUTE at each station - clock RUNS continously






*Good idea to get a pen and scap piece of paper to keep track of your reps each round


**Depending on numbers we may run 2 heats so you have a scorer/judge with you


*** Also because of the number of rowers you can START at any station you like but you MUST stay in the correct order of exercises



BUY IN (12 minutes) : Front Squat + Power Clean

ODD MINUTES - 5 x Front Squats @ 70% of 1 rep max

EVEN MINUTES - 5 x Power Cleans @ 70% of 1 rep max



WOD- As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 MINUTES


4 x Power Cleans 135/95 lbs

3 x Squat Cleans 135/95 lbs

2 x Thrusters 135/95 lbs

1 x Push/Split Jerk 135/95 lbs

200 m RUN



CASH OUT : 50 Hollow Rocks




Buy In:
Partner Tire Flips! 
5x30" AMRAP's (men use tires with rims/ladies use what you and your partner can flip)
*Part of the buy in is rolling the tires to the parking lot to start and back when finished*
**You may flip alone or with a partner

5 Rounds for Time
10x Dynamic Push Ups with alternating hand position (10 total)
800 Run
15x Toes To Bar

Open Gym



Buy In:
How many people can you push????
Sled Pushes (*only use prowler sleds*)
**Before pushing your friends, warm up completely and then slowly add bodies :)

15x Back Squats (135/95lbs)
50x Double Unders
12x Back Squats
40x Double Unders
9x Back Squats
400 Run
6x Back Squats
800 Run
3x Back Squats
30x Double Unders
200 run

Cash Out:
Roll out your quads



BUY IN- Split Jerks from rack-(20-25 minutes) 1x Rep per set- Focus on diving under the bar and setting feet.  Increase load if your form is spot on.

WOD- 5 Rounds for time-

Shoulder Press from Split position* (75/55lbs) x 6

Sprint Drivers x 30 (total)

200m Sandbag run

*Shoulder press from split position= Just like regular shoulder press but throughout set your body is positioned under the bar like at the bottom of a split jerk. Try to be as stable as possible, weight on front heal and back toe/mid foot.

CASH OUT-  30 x V-ups
                    40 x Sit ups

                    :60 Left side plank
                    :60 Right side plank