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Buy In- Warm Up

10 Rounds for Time-

6 x Thrusters (95/65 lbs)

6 x Bar Hop Burpees

*After Round 4 complete AMRAP Toes to Bar In :60; After T2B continue wod immediately

**After Round 6 complete AMRAP of Lateral Bar Jumps in :60

Score is time and total number of T2B and Lateral jumps





BUY IN- Tabata Sit Ups (8 rounds)
              Hand Release Push Ups (4 rounds)

WOD- AMRAP 12 Minutes:

55 x Wall Balls (20/14lbs)

25 x Burpee Bar Hops

25 x SDHP (95/65lbs)

Cash Out- 4 sets of 5 PENDLAY ROWS (:60 rest between)- Weight increases each set, last set to failure. 

*Weight touches floor/Bar touches chest/upper body working only!

**Weight selection is important. Begin with a weight that is challenging, but also a weight than be increased EVERY SET.




BUY IN- Warm Up


100 x Double Unders


3 rounds:

50 x Sprint Drivers

30 x KB Swings (55/35lbs)

20 x DeadLifts (135/95lbs)


100 x Double Unders

*Time stops when you complete final set of 100 Double Unders

Cash Out- See if you can get some triple Unders or your first set of Doubles



BUY IN-  Warm up move slowly and deliberately through all 3 movements

WOD- 3 Rounds for Time:

12 x Hang Power Clean and Jerks (115/75)

9 x  Thrusters

6 x  Power Snatches

CASH OUT- Roll Stretch and Open Gym


Don't Make the Pain Face

Ahh the pain face/pain cave. We all have our very own pain face that is unique to us. While some are prettier than others, they all send the same message. I’M IN A WORLD OF HURT!

The pain face is something we should try to avoid for a few of reasons.

· You’re communicating to your brain that what you are doing is really hard (though it may be). We need to train our brains that whatever the external stimulus is we can handle it. The brain then will realize that this may not be as bad as I thought.

· You don’t want your competition to know you are struggling. When predators smell the fear, that’s when they pounce.

· You should be focused on breathing and it’s even harder to do that when your face is all contorted. (I’ll talk more on breathing in another post)

If you look at elite athletes and how they perform at their max intensities you may notice something. You’ll notice that they make it look effortless. They rarely make a pain face! This obviously takes practice at being extremely efficient at their chosen sport but they are mentally strong as well. Staying externally calm will boost your performance!

Case in Point
Illya Illyin WR C&J


My challenge to you is to keep your face relaxed throughout your workout. Start with the warm up and practice there. There are some people even making the pain face with submaximal loads. Don’t do it! Then practice keeping that pain face away even when you are nearing the end of a brutal AMRAP. Your face and your brain should be the calm in the eye of the storm.






Buy In:
Clean progression/Snatch progression
1st position (just lifting the weight off the floor with a 2 second hold at top)
8' EMOM 4 reps (first 4' cleans, last 4' snatch)
*This buy in is not about adding as much weight at possible, its about feeling the movement correctly*




Buy In:
Warm Up

4 rounds for time
5x Clean and Jerks (155/115lbs)
10x Dead Hang Pull Ups
15x V-ups

Cash Out:
open gym



Buy In:
Warm Up

30x Double Unders
15x Overhead Squats (75/55lbs)

Open Gym