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Hand Care Tips

Ripping your hands is not fun, and can generally be prevented. Hand rips can take a while to heel, are painful, and most importantly may prevent you from training to you full capacity for a while. Here are a few tips to help you keep from tearing:


Hand care 101

Step one: Get a Foot razor and pumice at your local drug store.

Step two: When in the shower, first shave the calluses on your hands gently. Be gentle and move slowly, be careful not to shave too deep.

Step three: Use soap and a pumice to smooth and soften the callous.

Step four: Have a smooth finish product that will be less likely to tear and interrupt training.


Take care of your hands. If your hands are still excessively tender, consider athletic tape, buying gymnastics straps, or “Natural Grips” from Rogue Fitness.