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Classes Offered


Elements Classes

To get started in the CrossFit Program you must complete Elements. The Elements course consists of three 1-hour semi-private sessions with one of our coaches. We need to cover the basics and teach you how to safely perform the standard CrossFit movements before you start your first group class. SAFETY is our #1 priority. We are not concerned with the amount of weight you move or the time in which you do it. Rather, we are focused on technique and execution of the movements. Increased strength and speed will be developed over time. CrossFit Elements is designed to prepare you for immediate success upon joining the CrossFit classes.


CrossFit Class

Crossfit Weight LiftingOur main objectives with group training are to provide quality coaching, motivation and good experiences for our athletes that will result in continued progress. Our standards for safe and correct movements are high. Our programs are designed to produce a balanced fitness that will help our athletes meet a wide variety of goals including weight loss, strength development, and improving general fitness. Each of the workouts will stay the same throughout each class over the course of a day. The 6 am class will be doing the same workout as the 6 pm and everything in between. You are welcome to come to any class that works for you on a daily basis once you have taken the Elements classes. Each group class is 60 minutes.

Personal Training

CrossFit Philia can help you reach your fitness goals through one on one training sessions. Your coach can help you with a variety of goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, run farther, or move better. Using functional training to help you and keep you accountable. Philia will keep the workouts creative and fun as you progress towards your end result.





We ask that you cancel at least 2 hrs before it is scheduled. If you are unable to do this you will lose that training session and will still be charged for it. If you are unable to attend please contact us and cancel your session on the schedule.



Please come to the training session on time. If you are late we will still only be able to train you till the finish of the hour that was originally scheduled.

Travel WODs
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