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11/30/17 Open Gym

Today may be anything you like, the wod, a skill, strength etc.  Reminder-  If you are making up your strength work, please meet up with a lifting partner.  

Warm Up- 

1) 3-5 minutes easy alternating from AirDyne to Ski to Row

2) 5-10 minutes of mobility work on legs and hips 

3) 200 x Reps of single or Double Unders taking as many breaks as you need.  This should be moderate intensity.

WOD-  6 Rounds-

500m Row or Ski (Sets 1 & 2- Moderate ; 3 & 4- Fast;  5 & 6- All out) 

:30 Hollow Hold

--:45 Rest--

Cash out- Roll and Smash your legs and back