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God WOD 2/1/2015

A couple weeks ago with the Philia bible study we were discussing the importance and seriousness of the commandment "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy"  Of course the first thing we did was see what God had to say about it in the Bible, because after all these are His laws and He created them for us.  Today there is much debate over this commandment and what it truly is asking us to do.  For many of us this commandment is hard simply because society as a whole doesn't make it easy. We have practice for our kids sports, we have to get our work week prepared with groceries, food planning and washing clothes, some of us have to work, the list goes on......The important question is: Do you observe the day in any significant way? Whether Saturday or Sunday; whether you cease all work or are joyfully active in the service of Jesus; Do you take this requirement seriously? That you must obey this commandment is non-negotiable. How you obey it is a matter you must settle with God as you study His will in the Bible.  He gave this day to us not only as a gift for rest but to remember what He has done for us.
     As I sit here and watch the snow fall with many activities pending and a couple conversations of panic because I cant get this or that done because of the weather or my kids may not have school tomorrow.  I stop myself and remind myself that I've had a stressful week (I'm sure you all have too) and the snow will melt, and my kids will go back to school, and there is warm weather in the future.....I think ;)  But today I can stay in my sweats, play with my kids while they're still kids, and watch the game. Having life on hold for a day is a day to thank God for all He provides......and He gives this to us each week! How awesome is that!!!! Most of all, I have a God that promises me tomorrow and that He's got this!  He has overcome the world! So enjoy His gift of this beautiful snow, thank Him, remember Him, and go play.....because tomorrow you have to be one with society again!