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Athlete of the Month

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January Athlete of the Month

January Athlete of the Month is Matt Christenson!


Matt comes to Philia early in the morning and is a great source of energy and encouragement. 

How long have you been at CF Philia and what made you want to join?

I joined CFP on Aug. 28th 2014. I'd heard about CrossFit for a couple years but never really new what it was until I saw the games in July of 2014, I was glued to the tv and have been constantly varying ever since!

How is your life different after being a member at CF Philia?

Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since becoming a member CFP, but more than anything I am not only more physically fit but mentally tough as well.

Whats your favorite part about the gym or a favorite moment?

My favorite part is the atmosphere and the relationships you build with the other members and that they become more than just fellow members but great lifting partners and friends.

What do you do for a living?

I work on an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico

What are your interests outside of work and the gym?

The only real interest I have would be my family, my wife Traci, son Burke and daughter Leighton. But I do like music and dancing (when no one can see me) haha

What has been your favorite workout/movement?

My favorite workout is one of the classic benchmark WOD's, one of "the girls" FRAN

Give us an interesting fact that we don't already know about you.

If I was a fairy princess I would be tinker bell, just ask the wife and kids and my all time favorite villain in any animated movie is Vector, from Despicable Me. Does anyone know where I can get some coconutties? Haha

Thanks Matt!!