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Tri-Fit Agape Services

Tri-Fit Agape Services


swimmingTri-Fit Agape, LLC, provides full personal and or online coaching services such as consultations to determine goals and race plan, custom training programs, unlimited communication, race strategy, development of heart rate training zones, nutrition and fitness analysis, swim stroke packages and much more.


In formulating your plan, we take into consideration every aspect of your life and tailor your specific program for success.




All packages can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle and your pocket. The following descriptions have been created to give you an idea of how triathlon training works, and how building a strong foundation in strength and endurance creates the athlete within. Call me today to set up an hour consultation where we will spend time discovering you and designing your specific program.                                      

Consultation: $50.00


Initial Startup:

This is where your success begins. All athletes start here. Startup includes various fitness assessments such as a Health Questionnaire, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Swim, Bike, and Run baseline assessments, and Anaerobic Threshold Tests. The initial startup is critical for your success and helps bridge the gap from your current fitness level to the finish line of your goals.                               

Initial Startup: $30.00


Monthly Personal Coaching Services:

This package is geared for athletes who already have a baseline in the Swim, Bike and Run and are looking to become more efficient. This package includes monthly workouts depending on race, unlimited communication and baseline nutrition. This package is also for the novice who wants direction in one of the three disciplines.

Monthly Personal Coaching Services: $150.00


Three Month Personal Coaching:

This package includes all of the above, with more in-depth monthly workouts, including a non-linear periodization scale to safely get you to your peak training level quickly for your “A” race. This package also includes a deeper analysis of the athlete’s nutrition.

Three Month Personal Coaching: $375.00


Six Month Personal Coaching:

This package is for all triathletes, especially the novice. This package includes all of the above with more emphasis on strength adaptations, speed, pace and efficiency. Athletes within this package will gain an overall strength endurance conditioning level. Assessments will be conducted twice in this package to maximize training.

Six month personal coaching: $675.00


Twelve Month Personal Coaching:

This package includes all of the above with the addition of off-season conditioning work to gain more strength and endurance through CrossFit while keeping the adaptations of swimming, biking, and running fresh. Also includes post-race reports and race planning.

12-Month Personal Coaching $1250.00


Tri-Fit Agape also offers hourly coaching, as well as group training

for those who don’t need a full program or for those who want to work on a specific skill or technique. Groups of 5 or more receive this training at a discount. In addition to any athlete that wants to add CrossFit to the program.